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Man wearing headset smiling at a laptop screen, holding a pen to a notepad

4 Ways Candidates Can Prepare for a Remote Interview

Apr 13, 2021

As a candidate, going through the hiring process is naturally nerve-wracking. But interviewing when the…

Illustration of a woman standing on a stool, holding up a pen to a giant whiteboard

Save Time in System Design Interviews with Customized Whiteboard Questions

Apr 12, 2021

Back in May 2020, we launched the HackerRank Whiteboard to replace the physical whiteboard interview….

Illustration of a laptop, a magnifying glass and sheets of paper and the word "Vanguard" written on top

How Vanguard’s Engineering Manager Leverages HackerRank to Hire Top Talent

Apr 6, 2021

Nick Alexandro is a Senior Software Engineering Manager at Vanguard working as a Vanguard Digital…

Stop Asian Hate hashtag

Stop Asian Hate

Apr 2, 2021

We are outraged by the recent acts of violence and hatred against Asian Americans.  We…

Banner reading "[Data Sheet] Hackerrank Overview"

Zeta’s on a Mission to Make Payments Invisible

Mar 31, 2021

By 2022, invisible payments are expected to reach a whopping $78 billion in annual transactions….

Illustration of three speech balloons with a few lines inside, next to headshots

Slack & Microsoft Teams Notifications: Instantly Receive HackerRank Reports Where You Collaborate

Mar 23, 2021

No more scrambling through emails searching for HackerRank Test Reports. Instead of digging through your…

Illustration of a woman on a laptop screen that's in front of a potted plant, and a speech bubble and headshot of a man to the left

What Tech Leaders Want You To Know About Running Successful Interviews

Mar 23, 2021

In the quest to hire the best candidate for your company, it’s easy to get…

An illustration of a standing woman smiling at a laptop she's holding, with two gears on the right and PayPal's logo on the bottom

How PayPal Still Leads the Way in Innovation After 20+ Years

Mar 16, 2021

With decades of robust partnerships, technological innovations, and bold marketing strategies, PayPal continues to remain…

Illustration of a woman smiling at her laptop, with a floating image of a man waving in a video call interface

5 Steps to Creating a Seamless Virtual Onboarding Experience for Your Developers

Mar 10, 2021

So you’ve just hired a bunch of brilliant developers using HackerRank. Congratulations! However, hiring them…

Illustration of a man seated at a desk with a laptop

Introducing the HackerRank Hiring Maturity Model

Feb 23, 2021

Would you like to find out how you stack up in the war for tech…