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Stop Asian Hate

Stop Asian Hate hashtag

We are outraged by the recent acts of violence and hatred against Asian Americans. 

We are committed to fighting against racism and injustice by standing up against Asian hate and elevating Asian voices. We stand united in defense of and with the AAPI community. 

We've taken time as a company to reflect on these events and how they have impacted the AAPI community. HackerRank has been focused on caring for employees who are living in fear and dealing with the mental and physical exhaustion that accompany this type of violence. This public statement is important to them, and to all of us.

We are deeply committed to supporting the AAPI community, including taking steps to identify potential biases and to reduce the propagation of hiring preferences around race, nationality, gender, and ethnicity.

Together, we must #StopAsianHate.

For more resources on educating, donating, or reporting an incident, visit

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